Here are some helpful time management suggestions for students at top international schools under the Cambridge Bangalore curriculum in Whitefield, Bangalore. Every student must learn how to manage their time properly, yet many students struggle with this element during their critical educational years. 

Effective time management skills are essential for all students, but especially for high school students who must handle multiple topics, projects, assignments, tests, and extracurricular activities. Good time management skills can assist individuals in maintaining a good balance, managing all responsibilities properly, and staying on schedule.

Why is Time Management Essential for Students?

1. Time management abilities assist students in prioritising duties, resulting in the completion of all responsibilities, such as schoolwork and assignments, on time.

2. Students can schedule and block time for tasks, projects, or other work, allowing them to make better use of their time.

3. It enables kids to become more organised and learn more successfully, resulting in increased confidence.

4. It also helps students avoid procrastination, so avoiding last-minute stress, frustration, and poor grades.

So, how can you improve your time management skills?

Top International Schools in Bangalore under the Cambridge Bangalore curriculum have compiled a list of time management tips for all students.

1. Make a Schedule

Making a timetable will allow you to better manage your time and prioritise your duties. A schedule will help you stay on track to finish your daily tasks. List everything you want to complete in a day, prioritise it, and write down the completion time so you can block your time properly. To emphasise crucial details, choose a different colour. Making a daily timetable and following it will help you complete all of your studies, projects, and assignments on time. Make a list of all upcoming assignments and their due dates so you can follow them and construct a routine around them. Also read about when does school start in Bangalore.

2. Remove Distractions

Switching between academics to answering phone calls, and text messages, and checking social media is a major distraction that wastes a lot of time for students. Make rigorous restrictions, such as turning off your mobile phone or signing out of all social media accounts when it’s time to study, or turning off all notification alerts to avoid the need to check your phone now and again. If you need help keeping concentrated, try using apps that prevent you from checking social networking sites for a defined length of time, generating focused sessions, and assisting you in completing your assignment.

3. Prioritising Goals for Each Study Session

Setting goals or planning time for each session will save you time later determining what must be studied. Students at Top International Schools in Bangalore say that having a definite goal for each session makes their job easier and allows them to study or accomplish their tasks more quickly.

4. Begin Working Early

A student with good time management skills does not leave assignments till the last minute. They plan and begin early, which allows them to complete their assignment or project on time and also gives them plenty of time to review. Teachers at Top International Schools in Bangalore feel that breaking down assignments or larger jobs into smaller portions motivates students to complete their assignments or projects on time.

5. Avoid Multitasking

To enhance your time management skills, work on one thing at a time. This allows you to focus totally on a specific task, which allows you to accomplish the task faster and learn more effectively. Switching between two or more things is not recommended by International Schools in Whitefield since it leads nowhere, wastes time, and is not a good approach to learning or performing any activity.

6. Take a Breather

It is stated that humans cannot focus well for extended periods; working on one thing or studying for a long period causes our brains to wander and waste a lot of time. Short pauses refresh our batteries and help us focus. So, after 1 hour of study or task, take a 15-minute break and restart. You will notice a difference; you will be able to absorb concepts better and complete work or study faster when compared to studying for prolonged periods without breaks.

7. Make the Most of Your Mornings

Make the most of your mornings. After your morning ritual, attempt to work on your daily responsibilities while your mind is clear. You will realise that you can complete any assignment more efficiently. By the afternoon and evening, your vitality is practically depleted, making it difficult to concentrate. Some students prefer to accomplish their work or study at night since they find themselves more productive at that time; therefore, there is no obligation to choose morning time; you can choose as per your taste.

8. Make Time for What You Enjoy

Top International Schools in Bangalore feel that doing everything completely according to the plan can make your life a little chaotic, so make time for the activities you enjoy, whether it is talking to friends, going out, painting, or anything else that keeps you happy and motivated. You must strike a balance to enjoy everything. And how are you going to do it? By prioritising tasks and completing them before relaxing.


To improve your time management skills, you must first understand how you use or spend your time. Understanding where your time goes will assist you in locating the source of the problem and resolving it with improved time management tactics. 

There must be numerous things that take up the majority of your day, but how you arrange your time can make or break your day. Students who want to enhance their time management abilities must ensure that all of the items listed above are taken care of to fully optimise their time.

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