iPhone battery to work in the best possible way; depends on the quality of usage for the battery. By charging the battery regularly, it slowly starts to lose its power and will not be able last for a longer duration of time on a single charge. No one is aware of it when you start to use the iPhone, and that is why it is important to keep in mind the health of the iPhone battery. 


Typical signs of the battery health include:

  • Charging your iPhone takes a long time; charging your iPhone is not as powerful as the last time you charged it about a week ago; you have to charge your iPhone more often.
  • Your iPhone battery charges to a lower percentage and dies more quickly.
  • Your iPhone keeps overheating.



There are Three Ways You Can Check Your iPhone Battery’s Health.


Apple is one company that focuses on taking care of every parameter, and that is why it introduced a tool to help check the health of the battery. The iPhone got introduced in 2018, and all iPhones can check the health of the iPhone batteries


When you use your iPhone with the maximum capacity, it will better measure the battery than when it was new. 


– All iPhone Models Support these Three Methods to Find out the status of your battery.


The three ways to check the health are as follows:


  • Click the iPhone settings: There will be a warning sign if the iPhone battery needs replacement. Then click the battery sign and see a message related to your battery performance. 
  • Connect your iPhone with your apple mac: You have the option to check your iphone’s battery health by connecting your iPhone with your Mac laptop. Go to the console>click application folder> click on the folder utilities> click devices on the left-hand side> select iPhone > enter “battery health” in the search bar and enter > you will see the exact status of your battery health. 
  • Download Coconut battery on your mac: It is free software, and you can download it on your mac. Connect the cable to your iPhone and the mac to become synced. In the application folder, click Ios device; you will have to click on the device capacity, and that is where the battery’s health will get displayed. 


The 30-Day Challenge of Checking the Health of your iPhone Batteries


The most important thing is to keep a regular check on the health of the iPhone batteryThe way to check the battery’s health is mentioned above, and there are also several apps to help you know the life of the iPhone battery and share the right inputs as to when to charge and get the settings in the right way for it to work in the best way possible. 



Tips on How to Keep Your Battery From Draining


There are several tips to keep in mind for helping in keeping your iPhone battery from not draining. They are as follows: 


Reduce power mode: Using this function, users will increase the device’s capacity by reducing battery consumption as several apps keep running in the background. You will not recieve any update immediately, but your iPhone will work for a longer time. With the help of reducing the power mode, there will be a great increase in the battery capacity. The time for the battery to get discharged completely also increases. 


Automatic Lock: From the time it starts to work for the device to lock itself takes a significant amount of time and is never required. That is why reducing the time for the auto-lock period will lock once you are done working on your iPhone. This one function will help in a great way to increase the life of the iphone Batteries if you are someone who keeps using their iPhone many times during the day. 


Excess use of mobile data: If you are someone who keeps using the internet from their service provider, it drains your mobile battery completely by using the mobile internet. That is why it is very important to use the wi-fi instead of the mobile data as that will help keep the battery health in good shape. The best part is that it not only works to improve the overall performance of the iPhone but will also help in reducing any other network costs. 


Control brightness: Having an excess screen brightness is one of the main reasons iPhone batteries tend to not work properly after a time. Once you activate the auto-brightness feature on your iPhone device, rest assured that your iPhone device will look after the battery consumption per the lighting conditions present in your environment. It will automatically adjust the brightness based on the conditions present in your environment. 


Apply updates: For help in increasing the user experience and the performance of the iPhone, the developers in apple regularly send updates on your device for the apps that have got installed. The best part is that these updates not only improve the overall user experience and the graphics. But also help improve the battery life of the iPhone by making use of less power and help in increasing usability. That is why it is crucial to keep all your apps and the operating system upto date for the performance to improve. 


Conclusion: You can check your battery’s health by going to “Settings”, “Battery”, and tapping “Battery Health”. If a battery is discharged, plug it in to charge for 30 minutes to make you know whether the mobile is charging in the best way possible or not. iPhone battery life depends on the type of usage if you keep charging the iPhone even if the battery is half full. Then there is a possibility that you are not making absolute use of the battery, which will reduce the life of the battery. The important thing is to charge a single time in a day, use the battery until the last percentage, and then start charging. 

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