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Our stone carpet will offer you ease of maintenance and will allow you daily use without constraint.

In addition, we offer a wide range of colors of natural minerals that will enhance your environment.

Resin driveway to enhance your courtyards and walkways

With the resin from the VY&CO range, your courtyards and walkways are covered with a top-of-the-range, robust, decorative and easy-to-maintain coating. The stone carpet offered by VY&CO is composed of a natural marble aggregate rolled with a solvent-free polyurethane resin, which hardens after installation.

Resin characteristics

The advantages of this unique resin are numerous. It is robust, passable and resistant to frost and bad weather (especially UV and cold). Its robustness makes it possible to withstand wear and tear due to the passage of people. Non-slip, it secures your spaces.

Its stability also allows daily practicality during your pedestrian crossings and during its maintenance. This type of protection is draining, which considerably limits the stagnation of rainwater and watering and thus allows a better durability of your installations.

In addition to these many advantages, there is a very appreciable ease of maintenance. Picking up leaves will no longer be a chore like on classic gravel. With a simple broom, leaves and other small debris will be easy to remove. For more extensive cleaning, periodic passage with a high-pressure jet is enough to restore an impeccable appearance to your stone carpet.

Aesthetic appearance of Resin driveway

The outdoor space of your home is the first impression you give to your visitors and you want to take care of it.

A wide choice of colors is available, in natural shades that enhance your environment. No fewer than 16 different colors and 2 grain sizes (2/4 mm and 4/8 mm) are available to suit your needs.

The material arises with a minimum of joints, which makes it possible to unify the spaces. Its maneuverability also allows it to be adapted to your constraints by going around a bed, a stone, a curve for a driveway… The possibilities are endless and your edges will always be clean.

The stone carpet undeniably gives character by allowing you a personalized aesthetic appearance, impossible with asphalt. Beyond the wide choice of shades, it is possible to combine several colors to create different passage and parking areas, or to draw decorative patterns.

Resin driveway is an ideal material for renovations because it easily adapts to your needs. And it will not disappoint you in terms of sensations either: it is soft to the touch and walking barefoot on it is very pleasant.

Implementation of the resin driveway

The stone carpet has excellent adhesion, which allows it to be rolled out on many existing substrates: concrete, tiles, etc. All you need is a stable surface. Our certified technicians or partners will come to validate the stability and resistance of this support with you during a technical visit.

The installation itself is quick. The marble aggregates are first mixed with the resin. A coat of primer is applied before receiving the mixture obtained, applied with a stainless steel trowel. This technique is carried out according to a specific method which allows a high-end rendering.

Support from a qualified professional is essential to obtain a quality finished product that meets your expectations.

Stone carpet offers many practical and aesthetic advantages. Draining, robust, stable, non-slip, easy to maintain, it is also very aesthetic, customizable and brings a neat touch to enhance your spaces.

How to maintain a resin driveway?

The resin does not retain water. It has, therefore, an excellent draining power , and thus does not fear the rain . The latter is even rather useful to him, insofar as it cleans it naturally, before being evacuated.

It is, however, possible to use a little black soap , or white vinegar , as well as a low-pressure cleaner (held at a good distance from the ground), to remove persistent stains from your resin terrace.

A few regular sweeps are also always welcome to remove dead leaves!

Well maintained, a terrace of this type can have a lifespan of more than 20 years, depending on the solidity of its aggregates!

Gradually popular both indoors and outdoors, for its resistance , comfort and ease of maintenance, aggregate is also – and above all – very versatile . It is exported, indeed, much further than on the terraces , insofar as it can be made passable, imposing, in this case, to take into account many parameters of implementation. Be that as it may, its installation requires real expertise, and therefore remains reserved for navies and flooring professionals!

How to make a resin driveway? 6 steps

We recommend that you reserve the installation of your resin for a team of seasoned professionals .

In addition to requiring very rigorous soil preparation, this operation requires experience and dexterity, to:

  • Compensate for differences in ground level ,
  • Resorb any roughness and microcracks,
  • Apply a primer , in the form of a layer of epoxy resin,
  • Prepare the mixture of exterior resin and marble aggregate,
  • Spread the aggregate with a trowel,
  • Harmonize the surface with the trowel.

The advantages of a resin driveway

If many people opt for this type of exterior, it is because this flooring has many advantages, including:

  • Aesthetics: the aggregate offers a wide range of colors and the possibility of creating various and varied patterns;
  • Can be installed on any type of support (wood, stone, concrete, etc.);
  • DURABLE AND RESISTANT : The aggregate offers great weather resistance. It is therefore perfectly suited for an outdoor terrace;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Non-slip floor : this draining material does not retain water, thus avoiding the formation of puddles. The risk of slipping is also much lower. It is therefore perfect for swimming pool decks. Moreover, it is very pleasant to walk there barefoot.

Resin driveway: an exterior coating par excellence

To change the atmosphere of your exterior, opt for resin. This decorative floor covering has established itself on the market in recent years due to its reliability and longevity . In addition, the resin stands out for its aesthetics. Whether you are looking for resin concrete , resin mortar, epoxy resin to build playgrounds or for your driveway, you have come to the right place. A large selection of quality resin gravel is available from your outdoor flooring specialist . For the driveway or the pool deck, go for marble aggregate and rubber aggregate., very fashionable floor coverings.

Main advantages

The resin generally comprises epoxy resin to which quartz particles and cement are added. It has been designed to resist bad weather and eliminate the risk of slipping . You can use it instead of gravel, stone carpet, stone carpet and chippings. This outdoor flooring replaces gravel driveways. It offers good stability and is easier to maintain. Raking up fallen leaves is less of a hassle on a resin exterior . When it comes to colors, you have a wide choice. To dress up your driveway or patio, opt for a resinous paint floor. Adapting to all environments, it allows great freedom in terms of shapes .

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