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Scholastic activities have been given different definitions by different researchers. Shahatah (1992) defined them as “practice that affects the students’ mental, kinetic, psychological and social performance. This practice has various fields and satisfies the students’ physical, psychological and social needs. It, therefore, helps with the development of the student’s personality”. Johnson (1964) defined them as the activities originated in the students’ spontaneous interests and practiced beyond the school day without retribution. Another definition given by Al-Reshidi (1997) states that scholastic activities mean the programs that address the learner and the mental and physical effort s/he exerts in the activities that suit his/her abilities, inclinations and interests both inside and outside school.

According to Al-Reshidi, this helps students enrich their experience and acquire desired skills and attitudes, which develop their personalities and satisfy the growth requirements and the requirements of the country’s progress.
Scholastic activities, according to Hamad (1995), constitute an element of the school curriculum represented in mental, kinetic, and social aspects and help with the achievement of the educational aims by considering the learners’ characteristics and their growth requirements and providing them with opportunities for educational, cultural and social practices. Shahatah (1993) mentioned that Scholastic activities remain part of the philosophy of the modern school since they help develop habits, skills, values and thinking techniques necessary for completing schooling.
Perhaps the lack of consensus on the concept of scholastic activities is due to the multiplicity of scholastic activities. The definitions of scholastic activities are as varied as the activities themselves. There is the activity that accompanies the subject matter to deepen scientific concepts associating behavioral patterns that students are supposed to accomplish after undergoing specific experience(Adams) 1984.
There is also the activity performed by groups of students to promote them in the fields of literature, arts, sports and scientific research. This latter type is more inclusive as to human and material resources and more attractive to the students. This type is the one around which various competitions are held and prizes and appreciation activities are given to enhance talents and make the talented students feel self-confident.

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