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At the University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management, a renowned and accredited business school, was founded in 1935. It provides top-notch executive and business management programs.

The Full-Time MBA, Fully-Employed MBA, Executive MBA, and Ph.D. programs are the only ones available to graduates at one of the top business schools in the USA. Master of Financial Engineering, Master of Science in Business Analytics, and UCLA-NUS Executive MBA programs. According to The Economist, Anderson’s MBA program is the best career option for students.

Admission to the Anderson School of Management is extremely competitive. According to the most recent fall admissions data, the business school has an acceptance rate of 26%. There are three rounds of admissions, with the next round’s application deadline being April 16, 2021.

Students can check the updates on the official website to participate in admission events and webinars that can assist them with the application and interview process. Additionally, they are running executive community outreach programs to assist aspirant students in order to connect the students.

With an average Median Base Salary of USD 125,000, Anderson’s graduates are sought after by employers and have a wealth of employment options in the US after graduation.

Anderson School of Management Rankings

  • QS Top Universities Rankings 2021:
  • Ranked #2 in World University Rankings for Masters in Business Analytics
  • Ranked #7 in World University Rankings for Master of Financial Engineering
  • Ranked #16 in the Forbes list of best business schools 2019
  • Ranked #25 in the rankings by for best business schools of 2020
  • Ranked #15 in the list of best business schools nationally by QS Global Ranks in MBA.

Programs and Requirement at the Anderson School of Management

Only graduate programs, including Full-Time MBA, Fully-Employed MBA, Executive MBA, and Ph.D., are available. Master of Financial Engineering, Master of Science in Business Analytics, and UCLA-NUS Executive MBA programs.

ProgramsDeadlinesFees in USDAdmission Requirements
Full-time MBAApril 16, 2021104, 954Four-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent; Score on the GMAT or GRE, no minimum required; Being employed is a plus; Two essays and recommendations; Interviews on a basis of invitation
Executive MBAMay 1, 202183, 996A four-year bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent (requiring 16 years of study);GMAT/GRE scores, if applicable; Required to have at least 8 years of experience; Two essays and recommendations; Invitation only interviews.
Master of Financial Engineering78, 470April 30, 2021A four-year bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent, and stellar academic standing; Score on the GMAT or GRE, no minimum required; Being employed is a plus; Two essays and recommendations Interviews on a basis of invitation
Master of Science in Business AnalyticsMay 14, 2021A four-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent with a 3.0 GPA; Strong quantitative background, computer program experience; GMAT/GRE score (710 for GMAT and 167 for GRE);Being employed is a plus; Two essays and recommendations; Invitation only interviews.

Anderson School of Management Campus & Residence Facilities

A private graduate business school called The Anderson School of Management is situated in Los Angeles. It is situated in the university’s northern region. The Mullin, Cornell, Entrepreneurs, and Gold buildings make up the institute’s campus. There are about 2000 students enrolled at the university.

Accommodation options at Anderson University include both on- and off-campus housing. Students can also rent some university-owned apartments for a very reasonable price. There are UCLA Guest Houses available for short-term housing for students coming to the school for the first time, but reservations are required well in advance.

Each apartment and dorm is tastefully furnished and has a basic internet connection. For graduate students, the following housing options are available:

  • Housing complexes like the Rose Avenue, Venice Barry, Weyburn Terrace, and Hilgard Apartments offer housing for graduate students who are living alone. Single, double, and suite rooms are available at the residences. The studio apartments at the Hilgard cost 19,500 USD, whereas Weyburn Terrace costs roughly 18,000 USD.
  • Graduate students who are married can find housing in the University Village apartments, which offer studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

Anderson School of Business Cost of Accommodation

An estimated cost for international students looking to study in the US has been compiled below for all potential applicants to the institute.

International students pay tuition ranging from 54,850 USD to 65,200 USD. The following additional costs are included in the cost of living:

Type of FeeCost in USD, per year
UC Student Health Insurance4,800
Books and Supplies1,500
Transportation830- 5,300
Personal Expenses5,364
Loan Expenses1,400 – 2,200

Scholarships at the Anderson School of Management

  • Many scholarships are available to study in the US through UCLA Anderson’s School of Management, including fellowships, federal loans, private loans, assistantships, and more. To aid students, they have also provided a list of outside funding options.
  • Merit Fellowships, Donor Fellowships, Second Year Donors, External Fellowships, Consortium Fellowships, etc. are a few of the fellowship options.
  • Additionally, federal direct unsubsidized student loans and federal graduate plus loans with a fixed interest rate are available to students. The yearly loan cap is $25,000 USD.
  • To educate students on available private loan options, they have created a thorough guide.
  • Beginning with their second year of study, students also have the chance to work as teaching assistants.

Some of the best loan options provided by the school to them are:

FAFSAThe government provides federal student aid. Students from the US who are experiencing any kind of financial difficulty and who should have been admitted to a US universityJan – Sep
E-FAN by UCLAThe requirements vary depending on the scholarship, award, or loan the student is applying for.July – Aug
Custom graduate loans for international studentsThe annual borrowing cap differs depending on the course. The cost for MBA programs is $74,000. There are no particular requirements.May – July

Below is a list of the school’s merit scholarships and fellowships along with the criteria for each:

Merit FellowshipsStrong admission application and academic profileUpon admissions
Donar FellowshipsBased on criteria like career community involvement, exhibiting professional qualitiesUpon admissions
Second-year Donar FellowshipsBased on first-year grades, community involvement in UCLA campus, etc.Upon admissions
Forte FellowshipsOffered to outstanding female students for a two-year period.Upon admissions
Consortium FellowshipsFull tuition fee waiver. Purely based on the strength of admissions applicationApril

Placements at the Anderson School of Management

  • The economist has repeatedly demonstrated how Andersons consistently places 100% of students through placement opportunities in commendable job positions.
  • The fields in which students are placed include technology, consulting, finance, marketing, social impact, healthcare, and entertainment, among others.
  • According to data from the 2019 academic year, an Anderson student who works full-time earns a salary of USD 122k annually, while an intern makes a mean salary of USD 7532 per month.
  • Through on-campus placement drives, more than 45% of students have obtained internship opportunities.


The Parker Career Management Centre, which has career counseling mentors, has been established by Anderson’s business school. They handle planning campus recruitment programs, workshops, career talks, summer internships, placement coaching, and career opportunities. Around 250 companies visit the campus annually, and 2000 new job openings result.

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