Ganli Xiulin pen
  1. remove the cap
  2. Remove the paper tab from the injection needle
  3. Align the needle with the pen, aligning the two when connecting, screw or push on the chamber (depending on needle type)
  4. Remove the outer needle cover of the injection needle and keep it in a safe place until the injection is completed for removing the injection needle
  5. Remove the inner needle cover from the injection needle and discard
  6. Turn the dose adjustment knob clockwise to set the dose of two units, if necessary, turn the dose adjustment knob counterclockwise to change the selected dose
  7. Hold the pen syringe upright (needle point up), tap your finger several times in the chamber to raise potential air bubbles in the pen cartridge
  8. Keep pressing the injection button until a stream of insulin flows out, and you can see the number “0” in the dose display window align with the needle
  9. Check whether there is a stream of insulin flowing out of the injection needle. If there is no stream of insulin flowing out, repeat steps 6-8 until the insulin in a stream flows out
  10. Turn the dose adjustment knob clockwise to display the required dose on the dose display window. The dose can also be corrected if required by turning the dose adjustment knob counterclockwise Discount Code NHS
  11. Hold the pen so that the dose display window is visible during the injection. The injection needle enters the skin, then press the injection button, inject slowly until the injection button reaches the bottom and the scale line of the number “0” in the visible dose display window is flush with the pointer
  12. When the full dose is injected, keep pressing for 10 seconds and slowly pull out the pen
  13. Carefully cover the outer needle cover of the injection needle, remove the injection needle by turning it counterclockwise, and safely dispose of the used injection needle according to local waste regulations or household waste disposal regulations
  14. Put the cap on to protect the pen syringe. Put back in the box after each use
  15. Discount Code NHS

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There is usually a small hole in the cap of the writing pen

Alipay’s Ant Manor Small Class will bring you an interesting question every day. Do you know the correct answer on November 2? Now let the editor take you to take a look.


  • oppoA3
  • Android 10.0
  • Alipay 5.7.0


  1. There is usually a small hole on the cap of the writing pen, mainly for
  2. .Prevent accidental swallowing B.Prevent refill leakage
  3. Answer: Breath to prevent accidental swallowing
  4. Analysis: The small hole on the pen cap is also called the life-saving hole. When using a pen, some primary school students will put the pen cap into their mouths out of curiosity, and sometimes accidentally swallow it down their throats. At this time, the small hole on the pen cap can prevent the airway from being completely blocked, which saves time for life.  

The difference between gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner

Eye makeup must of course be eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and so on! Good eye makeup can perfectly interpret personal charm

LB eyeliner pencil

Speaking of LB eyeliner, it is a more suitable eyeliner for beginners. The LB gel eyeliner is smooth and easy to apply because it contains rosehip seed oil. The most important thing is that the LB eyeliner pen once won the first place in Japan’s cosme beauty award eyeliner, so it is obvious whether it is easy to use

ZEESEA nourishing eyeliner pencil

ZEESEA is an original artistic make-up brand originating from China. It uses natural and colorful raw materials as the artistic keynote to formulate colorful and unique make-up products. With fashionable packaging style, the brand keeps abreast of the world trend. For modern women who pursue fashion self, interpret more personalized and exquisite makeup. The Egyptian series of eye shadows co-branded by ZEESEA and British Museum IP, and the lipstick and lip glaze products co-branded with Van Gogh and Picasso are very popular among users. Waterproof and durable

UNNY ultra-fine eyeliner pen

UNNY is a cosmetics brand that researches, develops and produces popular makeup for the season based on trend and fashion, and ingeniously integrates fashion and life quality. Brand attitude UNNY’s trendy colorism: don’t follow, play well! Don’t follow, show off! Don’t be mediocre, create trendy! UNNY is a popular makeup brand in Korea. This liquid eyeliner pen has a 0.1mm ultra-fine soft tip, smooth ink flow, finer line drawing, long-term waterproof, and oil-skinned girls can easily control it.

How Bad Pens Are Made into New Pens

How can bad pens be made into new ones? If you don’t know how to do it, you can read the editor’s production method, I hope it will be helpful to you, then let’s make it

  • bad pen
  • Decorative tape
  • pencil
  • Take out the broken pen first
  • Take out the refill
  • Then prepare a decorative tape
  • Wrap the lead and pencil together.
  • This completes the production.

How to fix pen products in pen printers Printing effect of pen printers

Pen printer is a new pen printing process that is different from traditional transfer printing. It adopts a fully automatic mechanical production method and can meet the requirements of mass customization. The traditional transfer printing process used in the printing of pen products requires a lot of labor, time and consumable costs. The pen printer only needs one person to complete the entire printing process of pen products. How does a pen-type printer realize printing on pens of various shapes? What kind of pen effect can the pen printer print


  1. When printing pen products, pen products are printed by fixing the substrate. Faced with these pen products that are large in quantity and difficult to fix in shape, we can use the template tool to fix the pen to be printed upwards into the template and then place it on the machine platform
  2. One disadvantage of pen printers is that they cannot print the entire circle, and can only print part of the LOGO or text in color.
  3. Pen products have relatively high precision requirements for printing machines. Currently, the high-precision small printer FB3320 used for printing pen products is suitable for color printing patterns and LOGOs of various business office pens, gift pens, and advertising pens.

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