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do you want to be the next YouTube star? Do you want to use your YouTube channel to get money or as a side? Maybe you upload a video to share with your friends, family, or audience just because they like your content.
Have you ever heard of monetization? Do you know how to monetize YouTube videos?
YouTube monetization is just a way to get money from your Youtube video and Buy YouTube Subscribers gain to more effective ways your monetize channel or videos. However, you must meet specific criteria and register for the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) to enable YouTube monetization.
• Rules and guidelines for YouTube monetization
• YouTube Partner Program (YPP)
• 11 ways to monetize your YouTube channel
o #1 Adsense account that is linked to affiliation
o #2 Become an influence on YouTube
O # # 3 membership channel
O #4 Content License
O #5 Monetization of YouTube shorts
O #6 Youtube Premium Revenue Streams
O #7 Selling Online Course
o #8 Sales of merchandise
O #9 Youtube Live Streams
o #10 crowd funding
O #11 Direct traffic to your blog using Youtube Video
• How to activate step by step monetization?

Rules and Guidelines for YouTube Monetization

YouTube are very demanding when it comes to approve partners at YPP. The following criteria must be met in order to meet the requirements to apply for the YouTube partner program; See these 6 YouTube monetization requirements:
• 1,000 customers – You need at least 1,000 customers on your YouTube channel.
• 4,000 hours of watching: You have to collect at least 4,000 hours (240,000 12 minutes) watching time in the last 4,000 months. This means that viewers must watch your video for a total of Xnumx in a year.

YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

YPP is the most common way to monetize YouTube. Being a YouTube partner allows you to place ads on your video. In this way, when someone watching your video and ads appear, the flow of YouTube advertising revenue will be shared between you and YouTube if the performer clicks on the add The payment process is carried out through the Google Adsense program.
The best way to get the view is to create high quality content, because the current viewers are not easily fooled and pay attention to details. As long as our content adds value, they will continue to see it. Also, be sure to upload videos regularly. Consistency goes far.

11 Ways to Monett Your YouTube Channel

Apart from the mention above, there are other ways to monetize YouTube videos for your video. They are explained below for your convenience.

Adsense #1 account linked to affiliates

Register for affiliate programs and get money easily. After registering, you will get a commission if you promote the product through your content.
Affiliate links can direct customers to specified products or services. You need to promote the product through your video and enter the link in your video description for viewers.
The idea of promoting products or services in your video may be the following:
• Product or service review.
• Unloading the product
• Practical guidelines are used to show products.
• Crowd funding
• Sponsored video
• Broadcast of direct events with brands.
• Paid advertisements
• Promotion of certain products or services.
• Demonstrations of the characteristics and benefits of products or services.
Remember to place the information so that the viewers you know that you will be paid by a commission if they use the link you give. You will get a commission and you will get money for every sales made through your link.
You can find products related to your content niche or just add yourself to an affiliate network, such as bank clicks, Amazon Associates, etc.

#2: Become an influence on YouTube.

Influencer marketing is when influencers promote your products and encourage people to buy them based on their trust in them. Influencers have a group of followers who fully trust them.
Brands now use digital marketing like this to reach their target audience. If your content reaches your target audience and you have many followers, it will be easy for you to find partners and make money.
This can be more challenging than it sounds. Therefore, you will be able to hire an influencer marketing agent to give you the most exposure and help you find the right business.

#3 Channel Membership

Viewers can purchase channel subscriptions for exclusive benefits, such as watching exclusive videos, for a monthly fee. You can create five YouTube membership levels for your viewers. Payments can vary from $0.99 to $100 each month.
However, you must be over 18, and your YouTube channels must have over 1,000 subscribers.
If you violate any of the community guidelines or YouTube terminates your account, your members will receive a refund of the last payment made.

#4 content license

if you have a viral video, you can license your content as a content creator for those who want to use that video for marketing. should pay a fee to use your content.
You can also place the popular videos in specific markets, which makes it easier for companies to find you. If you find the right YouTube content, you can easily earn money.


YouTube shorts are short videos with a maximum duration of 60 seconds. You can win your YouTube shorts bonus if you qualify for the background.
YouTube shorts are similar to those on other social channels, such as Instagram videos.

#6 premium YouTube revenue flows

YouTube Premium subscribers cannot see video ads because they pay monthly to view the content less content. In such a situation, YouTube shares a percentage of the income from the subscription it receives with the content creator. This will help you earn money on YouTube.

#7: Selling online courses

you can provide your skills to people by creating videos as an online course with a subscription service. If you can offer high quality videos with real value for your viewers, they will easily invest in and buy your system. Instead, you can earn money on YouTube.

#8: Selling the goods

Suppose your YouTube videos are doing great and you have a big YouTube audience, which is your YouTube channel. In this case, you can definitely earn money by selling goods, such as shirts, hats, notebooks, etc. This way, you should not wait for users to increase their viewpoints. Simply load your design on online platforms like Prettify, and your subscribers can receive them via email without getting involved in the whole process. This is an excellent way to get visibility both online and offline.
It is easier to earn more in this way, but in order to use the merchandising function, you must be 18 years old and have 1,000 subscribers or an official artist channel.

#9: YouTube live streams

You can monetize a live stream with commercials, like videos. Also, the Super Chat or Super Stickers function is available to you if you are a YouTube partner.
During live flows, your spectators can send you super chats that are donations or range from 1 to $ 500. If you have a loyal audience, earning money through live streams will be easy.

#10 Crowd funding

you can get some funds for your channel through crowd funding. Some of your subscribers may not be satisfied with it.
However, if you provide quality video content, people will be more than happy to send funds to YouTube creators. Sites like Kickstarter or GoFundMe can help you raise funds.

#11: Drive traffic to your blog using YouTube videos.

You can set up a blog with the same name and logo as your YouTube channel. YouTube ads cost money, so this method allows you to promote your content without paying anything.
YouTube ads or monetized blogs can attract users to learn more and deepen more in your niche the more spectators; the easier it will be to make money.

How to activate the monetization step by step?

First, connect to your YouTube account. In the upper right corner, click the profile icon to go to your account Select YouTube Studio. In the left menu, select the monetization from other functions.
Read and accept the Terms of the YouTube partner program. Create a new Google Adsense account or connect to an existing one.
Finally, set the YouTube monetization preferences. You can set it for a single video or more videos.
Although YouTube may take a long time to approve your account after you have checked if you meet the specified requirements, the wait is worth it.
If YouTube does not approve your request, they will give you a detailed description of the changes you need to make to your content after you make the necessary changes, you may be able to apply after 30 days.


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