The pants fitting has a lot of effect on the aesthetics of men’s look. It is vital that when you measure your pants for sizing, the sizing should be accurate so that when you use that sizing, the end product is incredible.

Pants manufacturer plays their part in making pants, but if you give them the wrong sizing or they take the wrong sizing, you can lose your money spent on the pants. Hence, it is essential to ensure that fitting and sizing are taken accurately.

In this article, we have divided this process into 8 points and posted a picture; you can use this picture and content to measure the pants accurately.

Things you need to Measure the Size of Pants

You don’t need much to measure the size of the pants. But make sure that when you measure the pants, the sizing is accurate, and you don’t make any mistakes. 

Following are the things that you need to measure the size of the pants,

  • Flexible Measuring Tape

  • Ironed Pants without any wrinkles

  • A Flat Surface to place the pants

Advice before you start Measuring

  • Ensure to lie down the pants horizontally

  • Take out all of the wrinkles and try ironing if it is feasible

  • Measure more than once to rule out errors

8 Steps for Measuring the Size of the Pants

  1. Measuring Waist of the Pants: First, you need a plain table and a flexible measuring tape. Place your pants on the table and ensure that the pants don’t have wrinkles and are pressed before taking measurements. Then close the front button, place the pant horizontally, and measure from left to right as shown in the picture.

  2. Measuring the Hip Size: Keep the pant lying down as it is, and ensure there are no wrinkles. Then place the measuring tape almost an inch or one and a half inches below the zips and measure from left to right, and you will have the hip size.

  3. Measuring the Front Rise: Make sure that you have closed the buttons. Then take out all wrinkles, place the measuring tape above the button at the waist, and measure to the bottom of the crotch where you can see the seam. You can use the picture for reference also.

  4. Measuring the Outseam: To measure the outseam of the pants, place the pants on the table and lie them flat, as shown in the picture. Ensure it is adequately pressed and there are no wrinkles in the pants. Place the measuring tape on the top and start measuring from the top of the waist to the bottom. It will give an idea regarding the length of the pants.

  5. Measuring the Thigh: Next, you need to measure the thigh and, for this purpose, lie the pants horizontally on the table as shown in the picture. Then take the measuring tape and measure the pants from the seam of the crotch and measure it to the outer side of the pants, mainly a little below the hips area, as shown in the picture.

  6. Measuring the Inseam: To measure the inseam of the pants, place the pants on the table horizontally and remove all the wrinkles. Then place the measuring tape from the crotch seam to the bottom of the hems. 

  7. Measuring the Knee: To measure the knee, place the measuring tape around the knee and measure from inseam to outseam of the pants, as shown in the picture.

  8. Measuring the Hems: Lie the pants flat on a table and start measuring the hems from the inseam to the outseam as shown in the picture, and make sure there are no wrinkles.

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