In the entire Rajasthan, its capital, Jaipur, the Pink City is very famous and known as the biggest city. Jaipur is famous for its rich and diverse culture, historic forts, and palaces. But, do you know that Jaipur is also famous for its sports, especially the “Go-Karting”

Motor-sport Park Jaipur

Motorsport in Jaipur is an adventurous destination for those looking for a long break from their hectic lives. Moto-Sport Park offers a variety of off-road rides at reasonable prices in a comfortable and welcoming environment with family and friends.

Moto Sport Park has been the organizers’ vision for the last decade and finally became a reality in 2016. A 23-hectare dune area focused on motorsport, combining leisure, camping, romance, racing, parties, camping, and all kinds of adrenaline-pumping activities.

Moto-Sport Park Beauty for Attraction

1. Off-Road Rides

Ride Time: 10:00-18:00 (open all day)

End Time: 1 hour

Minimum Number of Go-Kart Participants: 1

They start where concrete turns to asphalt, then black Clay, red clay, and finally real loose sand. A climb, a drop off a tabletop, a camel hump, and a long right turn followed by a sharp left turn to a side angle.

The cart offered here is his 2-seater, one will be the guest driver and the other of him will be the marshal.

Self-driving buggies, as well as 4×4 off-road vehicles. Marshall drives his jeep go-kart and 6-7 guests can enjoy his adventure ride at the same time.

2. Adventure sports

There is a special mix of adventure activities for a minimum of 10 people. Perfect for a day trip with friends or family, a place to relive childhood and forget the monotony of life.

Family go-karts and cheap go-karts are available here for this adventurous ride.

• Zip-Line – (Natural area)

Time for this Ride: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (Open All Days)

Cut-off time: 1 day

Minimum person allowed in the go-kart: 10

• Nature trek – (Aravalli hills)

Time for this Ride: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Open All Days)

Cut-off time: 1 day

Minimum person allowed in the go-kart: 2

• Commando Obstacle Area

Activities are available: Burma bridge, V Bridge, Tyre hurdle, Commando net, Tarzan swing, Ladder, Commando cave crawl, Australian trolley, Tug of war.

Time for this Ride: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Open All Days)

Cut-off time: 1 hour

Minimum person allowed in the go-kart: 2

• Hot air ballooning, Para motoring, Paintball

Time for this Ride: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Open All Days)

Cut-off time: 1 day

Minimum person allowed in the go-kart: 6

• Gyptian Ride [Safari Ride]

This ride is going to be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. This ride is a complete package in itself as it includes adventurous rides, heritage visiting, breathtaking views, trekking, off-road climbing, games that will make you relive your childhood, delicious meal, and much more.

It includes a village safari Off-road climb mountain top view downhill trek off-road by open Thar Commando obstacle

• Delicious dinner

Time for this Ride: 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Open All Days)

Cut-off time: 1 day

Minimum person allowed in the go-kart: 6

• Itinerary

Start: Every day from Amber Fort, Jaipur

End: After dropping the guest back at Amber Fort

Duration: 05 Hours

Distance: 100 KM

The ride starts from Amber, Jaipur passing through the village which gives you a feel of the village safari moving towards the breathtaking view of the scenic Aravali mountain range.

It’s a slightly bumpy exhilarating ride. When you reach the top, the beautiful scenery is irresistible, 200 hectares of flat land on top of the Mountain.

A 15-20 minute hike downhill takes you to the base of the mountain. Walk another 10 minutes and you’ll see the off-road beast.

It’s time for his 4×4 ride on exciting and terrifying terrain. After this ride, the jeep go-kart will move to the command obstacle area. After enjoying adventure activities, roll down to the dune base.

This ride is easily available for

• BE MINE – Candlelight Dinner [Romantic]

Hours of Operation: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Open all day)

Registration Deadline: 1 day

Minimum Number of Go-Kart Participants: 2 / 1 Couple

A subsidiary of Moto Sport Park, Be Mine is a romantic experience in the heart of Rajasthan. With us, couples have the opportunity to create fairy-tale memories that will last a lifetime. And unlimited personalization options make the Be Mine experience like no other.

Moto-Sport-Park has in store for all adventurers. The park has a wide 5-kilometer loop that can be customized to cover as much distance as possible. The park also has a variety of popular bicycles that offer an exciting experience.

  • Rage Cyclone

Drive with rear-wheel drive, rally seats, seat belts, roll cage, and continuously variable transmission. Enjoy an exciting tour through rugged mountain and desert terrain. It is recommended for couples as it seats two people.

  • Polaris 800 The American-made

Polaris 800 is a four-wheel drive vehicle with power steering. This machine is truly an off-roader for beginners. Suitable for couples as it can accommodate up to 2 people.

  • Polaris Hammerhead The

Polaris Hammerhead is relatively inexpensive to track, making this go-kart attractive for beginners.


The motorsports park in Jaipur is very famous and beautiful. It makes your trips to Jaipur more memorable with the adventure and activities provided in this park not only for adults but also for kids, family members, and couples got a chance to experience a go-kart ride here.

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