Get 5 star Google reviews from your happy customers. Google makes it interesting. And your business becomes more trusted and popular. Plus we’ll show you how to keep Google bad reviews private. Every local business in the world has had to change their marketing strategy over the past few years because the Internet can make or break their business relationships. Small business owners know that word of mouth is the best and cheapest form of advertising. Today’s internet makes it easier than ever for consumers to share their experiences with the public, positioning your business. Almost half (49%) of consumers say they need at least one 4-star review before considering a business. This is huge in attracting more consumers to you.

Review sites on the Internet search results and it’s imperative for businesses to make sure they get as many REAL 5-star Google reviews from happy customers as possible. We always emphasize REAL because there are companies out there that empower local businesses to buy 5 star Google reviews. If you want to make your business more popular then Google review is best for you. Buying Google reviews gives your business credibility with others and then increases your ranking. Because if your business is new then many people don’t know you and google doesn’t know about your business so google review is best for you.

We will tell you how to buy these reviews from Google and get good results so stay tuned.

How do I write a 5-star evaluation on Google?

Google: First you go to Google and search for your business name. Adding “Farmington, NM” might be helpful to make sure you’re pulling the right listing. And click the link next to their star rating, click “Leave a Review”, click the star on the right to select all five stars, and then write and post your review! Yes, your review is done.

How many 5-star reviews do I need on Google?

How many reviews you need depends on your business and competitors, but you should definitely have good reviews as well as 4.5-star reviews. However, you should always aim to get five reviews out of which a few will get 4.5 and that will increase the credibility of your business. With a good review-gathering strategy, getting a 5-star review won’t be a huge task, especially since most people are more likely to give a review if only asked for it.

Do people believe 5-star reviews?

In addition to the 5 stars we told you above, you also need 4.5-star reviews. Interestingly, only 15% of consumers use the 5-star rating filter. Most people believe it too much to be true. According to Northwestern research, customers are most influenced by reviews with an average rating of 4.2 to 4.5 out of 5 stars for purchases — making the average star rating ideal for a product’s potential purchase. But sometimes you have to buy negative or positive reviews to maintain this balance.

Where are the best places to buy Google Places reviews?

To buy Google 5 star reviews there are many websites online that provide 5 star reviews. But not all reviews seem relevant and original. And their reviews are not given well which results in drop-ups. The best place to buy google reviews is itshopus. Their reviews are very good and they give reviews with a lot of consideration. Moreover, their reviews don’t drop up and they guarantee you. If your business is brand new and you want to increase its credibility to everyone then we suggest you buy reviews from them. You can safely talk to them and get the reviews as cheap as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Is it really legal to buy 5 star Google reviews?

Yes, it’s true Google has completely banned buying 5 star Google reviews. Because most of the principals can’t give proper reviews. But there are many sites or majors that provide real reviews from real active accounts. Also, they will always give you relevant reviews. As a result, Google recognizes them.

How do they write these reviews?

All of their reviews are written by real people from real locations and they have a team to write them. They are very strict about using bots to ensure that their reviews are not fake.

Will this review harm my site?

No, never, if you take it from a Google review best provider.


Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithm in various ways to help businesses big or small. The Google 5-star review feature is one of the most important features for a local business, using which businesses can rankings drop-up. So we suggest you buy 5 star google reviews which will help your business to grow as you wish.

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