Would you be interested if I told you I was going to introduce you to a magical game? Well, it is not conventional magic that I am talking about here, but something that is akin to it. It’s the magic of Las Vegas right where you are in the form of this brilliant social casino game—Camel Cash Casino. It is one of the top-quality online casino games that will weave pure magic into your heart. It is also there to provide a magical experience altogether.

To set it straight for those who wish to familiarize themselves with social casino games, it is a virtual casino platform. These virtual platforms present to you the opportunity to play slots and multiple other casino games virtually. It is only made convenient for everyone because not everyone can pay a quick visit to Vegas. This is the case since not every country legalizes local casinos.

You will be surprised to find that millions of people world over are playing these social casino games, and especially, Camel Cash Casino. It is a much offer option because there is no real money investment occurring at any point.

Okay, let’s get straight to telling you all about the magic that is Camel Cash Casino.

1.     Over 40 Slot Machines Available: If we are talking about social casinos, we cannot leave slots behind as they are an integral part. In this game, you will be awestruck upon discovering over 40 remarkable slot machines, all of different kinds like in Vegas. At any point if ennui strikes you, you can at all times try out the next slot and place your bets. It is interesting to note that most of these slots are based on either some popular Hollywood movies or books.

These slots are one of the foremost points of attraction of this game. You can definitely try out some of these awesome slot games like Zombie Treasure, Volcano Rock, Vampire Fortune, Piggy Vault, Jewel Riches, Wild West Cowboy, Jungle Queen and others.

2.     Enjoy Cash Cards Album: Every game has its USP, and Cash Cards Album is the unique selling point of Camel Cash Casino. You wanted magic, right? Well, you should try out this feature of the game that showers a whopping 5 billion coins on you. But how?

Well, firstly, you have to complete a set of 18 albums, also known as milestones, by collecting cards of diverse types. For instance, there is a Regular Card, a Machine Card, a Gold Card and a Duplicate Card. Once you collect these and accomplish the goal, you get those 5 billion waiting at the end of the mission.  Besides, you can add these coins in your repository so that you could use them later in the game.

3.     Exciting Mini Games Are Available:  Let me walk you through another of its magical elements. These are some fun and electrifying mini games. So, let’s say you are playing slot machines, and at some point, want to switch to something else for a while. This is where these mini games come to your rescue. These are fun games where you can place your bets on the slots available and catch a break from other slot games.

It can certainly be a refreshing moment for you while you engage in something else. Besides, diversity is the key to amusement, and mini games act just like one. It can rescue you from momentary boredom and turn it into a fun activity. Games such as FunHouse Pinball, Lucky Disco Balls Mania, Beer Mania Fortune, etc are some of the spellbinding mini games that you can revel in.

4.     Changing Values of the Bets: You must by now be familiar with the information that the limits for placing bare minimum and upper limit bets are already set in slot machines. Conversely, it is unusual with Camel Cash Casino. This means that the limits in this game keep shifting as you progress or advance through levels. For case in point, if you take the slot machine Camel King, you can place a minimum bet of 100 thousand coins, while the maximum you can place is 225 million coins.

But, this is the case for only one level. As you move on to the next, you see the numbers vary and alter. This pledges variation and diversity in the game.

5.     Play Games in Portrait Mode: I am sure playing games with just one hand sounds amazing to you. There is less hassle of using both hands, especially if you are, let’s say, eating while playing. It sounds almost heavenly since most games come in a landscape mode that requires one to turn the device horizontally. It can be a little fiddly and unwieldy to constantly turn around the phone and hold it with both hands. But all hail Camel Cash Casino! It brings to you games that you can appreciate in portrait mode. It is truly your knight in shining armor.

Jungle Queen, Sizzling 777, Wheel of Diamond, etc are only some of the games that you can best play in portrait style. What’s more, they have a tremendous quality of graphics and most significantly, they are not pixelated. This triples the fun element for you.  

6.     Rewards & Bonuses Aplenty: Social casino games are not whole without receiving bountiful rewards and bonuses. Camel Cash Casino leaves no stone unturned in delivering to you massive rewards that it can possibly put forward. You are going to be stumbling upon an hourly, a daily and the weekly bonus every time. Additionally, as a greeting bonus, the user gets a whopping sum of 1,000,000 coins right after logging in.

In addition to these, you are also the recipient of the Return Bonus, the VIP Bonus and a Daily Spin which further facilitates your game. You get the Return Bonus if you are a dynamic and active user of this game. Now, for the VIP Bonus, you have to subscribe to the VIP membership to have the right to use more coins. As for the Daily Spin, you spin the wheel every day and collect added coins.

7.     A User-friendly Interface: It is universal knowledge that the more intricate a game-play is, the less it draws users. People normally skip games that have convoluted user-interface because it robs all the fun. Nonetheless, Camel Cash Casino boasts a pleasant interface which eases the game-play for its users. Moreover, there is no need to have former training to play this game. It is trouble-free, compelling and winning.

8.     Enjoy Other Games: The games are not solely limited to slots here. These extend beyond the horizon of slot games as you find many other casino games on the table. You will discover games such as Video Poker, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and others that accentuate the core essence of the game.


Camel Cash Casino has been grabbing eyeballs recently and is doing extraordinarily well ever since its launch. Its vibrant features and significant game-play has made it one of the best social casino games of late. There could be many other online casino games but there is none as special as Camel Cash Casino. So, it’s about time you open the App Store on your phone and download the game.  

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