Want to revel in the energy of the Las Vegas casino scene? Well, physically going there might not be to everyone’s taste. And not all of us can afford to go on this pricey adventure. The answer is really easy to find. Its Camel Cash Casino – a mobile game that offers the top casino slots. 

 All casino enthusiasts worldwide will enjoy “Camel Cash Casino,” a pleasant social casino game. Playing this smartphone game allows you to design your very own Las Vegas, no matter where you are in the world. If you are a total beginner and don’t have any idea how to play slot machines, then Camel Cash is the ideal option for you. 

Camel Cash Casino is a completely free game to play, further demonstrating the inherent quality of social casino games. This indicates that there is no actual cost involved in placing bets in this game. It would be impossible to adequately express the superiority of this game app in a few words.


I’ll therefore introduce you to Camel Cash Casino’s features. Everything is explained in detail in the following paragraphs. 

1. Complete Every Album to get the Grand Prize in the Cash Cards Album

This right here is a fascinating aspect of this incredible game. The player has a chance to win the Grand Prize in this social casino game, thanks to this never-before-seen feature, which is referred to as Camel Cash Casino’s USP. A stunning 5 billion coins make up the grand prize.

The player can place wagers and earn extra coins by using these coins. Regular, Wild, Machine, and Duplicate Cards, among others, must be collected by the user in order to reach the milestones. These playing cards include a variety of amazing characters that are really eye-catching.

2. Win a Variety of Prizes and Bonuses to Advance Faster in the Game

Since wagers cannot be placed with actual money, there must be a prerequisite before wagering can begin. The virtual coins gain strength at this point. But how can you get hold of those coins?

Numerous perks and awards are present in the game to help you with this. First, there is a 1 million coin welcome incentive for new players. Second, there are the Hourly Bonus, Daily Bonus, and Weekly Bonuses to increase your coin winnings.

Last but not least, there are still other bonus types that can be used to win coins,viz., Return Bonus and Daily Spin. You will receive a unique kind of bonus if you have a VIP membership as well. Coins are hence abundant. You only need to make good bets.

3. More than 45 Slot Machine Games that you can Play

Slot machines are the focus of the casino industry and the main draw of any social casino game. Regarding Camel Cash Casino, its slot machines are highly appealing and distinctive. It consists of more than 45 slot machine games, each of which is unique.

Contrary to regular casinos, which have a smaller selection of slots, Camel Cash has an amazing selection. Speaking more specifically about the slot machines, they are based on a variety of subjects, from mythology to cartoon characters. You are free to select any one and get spinning as soon as you can.

Slot machines like Da Vinci’s Book, The Mask Show, Jewel Riches, Classic Mega Jackpot, Freaky Bull, Power Respin, Super 777, Treasure of Pharaoh, Zeus the Almighty, Monster Frankenstein, Wrath of Ares, Dr. Jekyll Adventure, etc. are among the most amazing. Additionally, you will find a big selection of slot machines, both in Portrait and Landscape Mode.

There is no chance for boredom with so many possibilities.

4. Retrieve the Coins Stored in the Piggy Bank

This very thing is a feature that has been added to the upgraded Camel Cash Casino. Similar to the piggy banks we had as children, the social casino game’s piggy bank allows us to keep a portion of your wins.

To clarify, Piggy Bank will hold 1% of each of your wagers. Up to a certain point, this continues to accumulate. When that time comes, you will have the choice to break that bank by spending a small amount of money.

By breaking the bank, you will be able to retrieve all of those coins, which will make it easier to place bets. The secret weapon of this slot machine game is actually this function.

So the next time you put a wager, just imagine what you will receive in exchange for each wager. In the future, each bet will turn out to be profitable. When the occasion calls for it, break the piggy bank.

5. Try the Mini Games for More Fun

What happens after every coin is gone? To get the necessary coins, you don’t have to wait till the Daily Bonus comes around. One of the three Mini Games offered by Camel Cash Casino is an option once all of your coins have been used.

These wonderful Mini Games are Lucky Disco Balls Mania, Fun House Pinball, and Beer Mania Fortune. To win extra coins, you can participate in any of these games. Additionally, you can use these coins to make wagers on the exhilarating slot machines.

To earn the prizes concealed inside the beer barrels in Beer Mania Fortune, you only need to burst them. Additionally, Fun House Pinball is a traditional pinball game. The awards and visuals are the only things that differ. Naturally, in this case, a sizable sum of coins is the prize. Finally,  Lucky Disco Balls Mania provides you coins with their associated multiplier as a final reward. The upbeat sounds and funky melody of Lucky Disco Balls Mania are just the icing on the cake. 

Choose from any of these fun Mini Games to win plenty of coins.

6. A Simple Gameplay with Universal Accessibility

Every game benefits from this major attraction. The easiest gameplay draws in the most players. Nobody would want to proceed past the landing page if the gameplay is tough. Consequently, the gameplay of Camel Cash Casino is really straightforward.

First, there is a camel carrying the Hammer of Thor who has shiny, pirate-like teeth. This entire environment seems incredibly entertaining and inviting. The gamer can then launch his game with simply one click after that.

Placing bets is a simple exercise as well. The player only needs to press the spin button to start spinning after placing their wagers. The more coins he wagers, the more he will win.

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In conclusion, with all the characteristics previously discussed, you have every good reason to play this one of the best slot machine games. It would be exactly as if you were in a casino enjoying the thrills of Las Vegas. So, you may start by downloading the game for nothing from The App Store.


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