Kedarkantha Summit

The Kedarkantha trek is one of the most popular treks and preferred winter treks in India. Located in the Western Garhwal region of the Uttarkashi district in the Uttrakhand region, this trek is open  for beginners and professional trekkers alike.  This rocky route is elevated by the unmatched beauty of serene villages, and vast stretches of snow-capped paths leading to the summit. 

All along there is this astounding view of the splendid mountain. Lies at the elevation of 12, 500 ft above sea level, the Kedarkantha trek is a perfect trekking destination where you can immerse in the breathtaking beauty of the rolling landscapes and let go of ll that restricts you in the crowded plains.


The mesmerizing beauty of Kedarkantha peak attracts a lot of trekkers. This trek has a distinction; the snow remains obtainable till the end of April, hence making it the best winter trek of all. This trek contains trekkers with some breathtaking campsites, namely: Juda Ka Talab, Hargoan, and Kedarkantha base. They are splendid on their own. The trek becomes more elegant when you hike over the crunchy dried leaves.

Even more, this trek provides you with an opportunity to experience the villager’s lifestyle. Throughout the trail, you will be frequently astounded by the panoramic views of the summits pecking the sky. The views keep your heart filled with a sense of magic as you hail in the direction of the summit.

Six-day trekking route

Day 1

The trail begins from Dehradun. You can get to Dehradun either by flight or train. From Dehradun, the drive to Sankri is breathtaking to the core. You have to drive a distance of 220 Km through Mussoorie. The way crosses through the Yamuna, the pine forests, and the scenic Tons river. 

Upon arriving at Sankri, you will be submerged in its natural elevated beauty. An overnight stay is cherished, spending some valuable time in the breathtaking Sankri Village.

Day 2

On the other, you have to go in the direction of the impressive campsite, Juda Ka Talab, and settle at an altitude of 9100 ft. The trekking distance is around 4 Km which takes 5 hours to get to the destination. The journey begins from an extension of Sankri Village, Sor. As the village route ends, the trek trails become a little curly and elevated. 

On this route, you can experience astounding views of the majestic Bandarpoonch peak. This route crosses via coniferous cedar and oak forests. Juda Ka Talab is a magnificent lake that is encompassed by frozen Oak trees and the mighty Himalayas. 

Day 3

The 3rd day’s trail will be from Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha base. The journey will get you through some adventurous meadows and oak forests. On the way, you will find views of Swaragarohini, Bandarpoonch, Ranglana, and Kala Nag summit. Night stay at the camp under the starry sky with the eye-catching peaks is simply otherworldly!

Day 4

The fourth day of this trek gets you to the most wonderful Kedarkantha Peak. Here the trekkers have to hike an elevation of 12, 500 ft to the Kedarkantha peak and then return to Hargoan camp based at 8,900 ft. The trekking distance in total is 6 Km. It takes approximately 7 hours to reach there. 

To get to the summit and experience the exquisite beauty and magnificence of the mountains and their ambiance is simply beyond expression. 

Day 5

The next day’s schedule is noted for descending back to the Sankri village. It will take 4 hours to get to the summit. The sunrise from the Hargaon campsite via the thick pine forests is a magnificent experience witnessed by a tremor.

Day 6

The last day of this mesmerizing trek takes 9 to q0 hours encompassing a scenic drive from Sankri village to Dehradun.

Best time for trekking in Kedarkantha

The Kedar Kantha is among one the treks which remain available all months throughout the year except monsoons. Kedarkantha is more enjoyable during winter. The beginning of fresh snow fascinates several trekkers at this spot. It created a scenic picture with the powdery snow dust capping the forests. 

During the spring season, the elevated climb becomes moderate and hypnotic with the leftover marks of snow on the trees and trekking paths. During the sinners, Kedarkantha carries a unique look with the forest and grassland going gleaming green all over. 

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